Saturday, April 12, 2008

Plain white printer paper

First, a huge "hi" to all my new friends I met at the Rubber Stamp Expo in San Diego today. I am STILL all are just way too funny! What an incredible day! Hope you can join me again tomorrow....I've totally repacked my plan to have a whole lot more fun!!!

The rest of this blog is about using plain white printer paper. The cheap kind. Like Georgia-Pacific from Walmart...$2.97 for 500 sheets. My kind of play!

Sharon (on the left) and Susie taught us this technique, but they learned it from Lindy's.

Take a sheet of paper and krinkle it up. Then flatten it out. You will have peaks and valleys. Spritz with any 2 colors of any shimmering mists. Like Lindy's Moon Shadow Mists. Or Tattered Angels. Or mix Ranger's perfect pearls with water in a mini mister. Dry with your heat tool. Rub a Versamark pad over this (lightly) touching the peaks. Sprinkle on some embossing powder, dust off, heat set....and look at what you get!

You can see some of the shimmer with this one

and the embossing powders on the peaks. Try this with glitter or holographic embossing powders...just wonderful!

These are the simplest cards ever and just so much fun because the variations are endless. Using deckle scissors (bet you thought they were dead!) cut oval shaped leaves. Cut circles and layer together fr the flowers:

Use a clothespen for an added effect

Add a stamped background and a few little butterflies...

The size and shape of your flower is truly up to you!

A little ribbon for the center knot....

And a whole pile of flowers that were punched. You can also use your's just plain typing paper

And look at the pile of scraps. Surely something can be done with this...just too pretty to throw away. Do you have tha problem, too?

Truly amazing what you can do with a little plain, ordinary typewriter/printer paper. And when you're done with that...try this same technique on scraps of patterned paper. Definitely an "oh! wow!"


sharon rohloff said...

Hi Jen: Glad you enjoyed our projects. My name is Sharon (not Shannon) and we used Lindy's Starburst Stains (not moonglow). Hope that helps anyone seeking the same results.

Jen Lowe said...

Ok...that's what I get for working on Shannon's order while typing my blog! Of course I know you are SHARON! LOLOL! And I fixed the link to the right product. I think I need a good long nap! :o)

AimeeInOhio said...

ooohhhh how cool!! I gotta try this one out!