Friday, April 11, 2008

When the right side of the brain takes over.....

My flight to San Diego was perfect. And it's one of those faux perfect days out here....the kind that make you say, "Oh! I could so move back!"...but I'm smart! I know that smog and "june gloom" are just lurking around the corner and will be here before I leave!

I stopped by Liz's store (Scrapbook Your Life!) and went "shopping". I'm going to be designing and creating all kinds of fun projects for us to do in the next few days! Oh my....if you live in southern California...just drop whatever you are doing and come play!

Tomorrow...I'll be at the Scottish Rite center at the After Midnight Stamps booth. Come play! I can hardly wait!!!

But I wanted to back up to yesterday. I've got about 50 photos and can't begin to put them all in a single blog....but really thought this scenario of photos interjected with my comments to the quite well what happens to us when the right side of the brain takes over our lives. Now, you have to understand that we were all deep into our play time and then all of a's time to break for lunch. We had reservations at a local bistro and needed to be there at noon. So at 10 til, I said,

"OK, time for lunch" And of course...I was totally and completely ignored!

"really girls, we have to leave to make it over there in time" And as you can see, heads did not move, but I got a few I KNOW they heard me!

"Isn't anyone the least bit hungry?" Well, of course...that got a little eye contact and a few more giggles! But note...their hands are still working!!!!

"Kathleen! have to stop!" And as you can see....she's laughing, telling me "no" and just keeps right on playing!

And in a split second, I've lost Aubrey who is back to serious work....not even a smile!

(Heavy sigh on my part....we are going to be seriously late now!!!)

And of course, Susan is just cracking up because I'm like, "you guys....we gotta go!!!" But again...note, her hands are still playing!!!

I'm starting to think that maybe they are having just a little too much fun when they come over to play! LOLOL! And then there's Kelly, tilting her head to take years off the photo...and totally forgets to keep her eyes open...but how can I resist snapping the shot. On second thought...perhaps she has her eyes closed on purpose? Trying to ignore me?

Well, finally, I got them to put down their paper and their ink, glitter, misters.....and we did make it...only a few minutes late!

Hopefully tomorrow I can blog what we were actually doing that they just couldn't walk away from! I have to was a totally fun day. But man! When the right side of the brain takes just can't get any part of the brain to listen to anything!

So I think for the next 3 1/2 weeks...I may have a problem blogging. Because I'm in a right brained world out here...and all I want to do is play....and go sit by the ocean....and walk on the beach.....and...and...and....

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