Thursday, April 17, 2008

Naughty scrapbook stuff!!!

On the night before National Scrapbook Day, we're going to have a truly fun, different kind of play date at SBYL! These are petaloo's magnetic cards and look what happened to the borders....a little faded from too much sun! (naughty scrapbook stuff that likes to play in the California sun! LOL!)

Even the edges of the envelopes:

So this is going to be a technique oriented class to show you how to save, restore, and design with product that is perhaps not at 100%, or perhaps something you bought years ago and just don't like any more. But once you learn these techniques using inks, stamps and more, I think you will love the results!!!

How's that for an "oh! wow!"???

A little depth never hurts anything and I photo'd these before I added the bling! oops!!!

Here I'm using some new stamps from MSE. Smaller, more detailed swirls. This envelope is just about 3" x 4". And again...where is that bling? will just have to imagine it there!

OK, here's the bling! You gotta love a chick with a tail! Far cry from that envelope I started out with!

And this is stamping dark on dark, then outlining with a white pen. Thanks Kathleen for this idea!!! Isn't this just the cutest paper???

And the inside of the card is ready for you to add your own sentiments:

If you are in San Diego, feel free to bring your worst sheet of paper, or your worst card/tag/embellishment to class and I will show you how to spruce it up! Just $5.00....what an incredible way to kick off National Scrapbook Day!!!

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