Friday, April 18, 2008

Acrylic word books (Shop & Play the JLO Way)

I went "shopping" at Scrapbook Your Life! and this is what I picked out. There's an acrylic book that spells "BEACH", the cover is the letters and the pages behind it are all clear acrylic...just covered with brown paper to protect them. A lot of beach related paper and stickers as well.

And this is the cover of my book. I totally love it and took it back to the store today and it got rave reviews. I'll post the rest of it tomorrow night....there are still a few final touches to be done.

When you pick up the top cover, this is the first page. Such a great image of San Diego with sail boats, the roller coaster down on the boardwalk and the sailboats. And who can be here without flips?

When you put the acrylic word cover over it...see the roller coaster showing through? I used alcohol ink and my cut n'dry squares to ink the letters

There's a clothes line clipped on with bathing suits and shirts (all stamped) hanging from it. Swirl stamps on the acrylic, flowers with swarovski crystals and of course, a California license plate!

In the far lower right hand corner, I used a crop-a-dile to punch holes in the acrylic, added jump rings and little charms.

Here's the cover with white paper behind it so you can get a better view of the letters:

So. We can order any word you want, custom cut, up to 15 letters....for just $15.99!!! Liz is going to place an order on Monday, so if you call the store tomorrow after 10 am....they can add you to the order. And they can do multiple words in rows up to 3 deep. But remember, maximum of 15 letters. And be sure to tell them you read about it on my blog!!!

619-298-7871..BUT PLEASE email her! I'm editing this as I'm in the store and the phone is already ringing!!! Her email is and include your phone number. She will call YOU!

I am going to order:





and maybe even more! I'm going to also do one for "MOM" for Mother's Day and I'm doing a store sample using the word "RACHEL" which is Liz's daughter. I pulled the paper princess is my theme for that one!

If you come into the store this's Shop and Play the JLo Way.....and this is just a sampling of what you might end up with! I do LOVE to shop and this was just so much fun!

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