Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beach Acrylic book

Yesterday, I showed the cover of this totally fun book and said to call the store if you wanted to custome order a book or two. I walked in today and my dear friend, Kathleen, was on the phone with the owner! So Liz says, can you change your blog and ask people to email me what they want and include their phone number and I will call them back?

Do you get the feeling the store is a little busy? LOLOL!

So, if you want to custom order an acrylic word book, email and be sure to put your telephone number in the email!

I finished my book! YEAH! So here's the cover and then the rest of the book:

On the back of each page, I've put photo place marks. All I have to do now is get to the beach and take a few shots!

The front page is the word, then the rest of the pages are solid acrylic. For most of them, I did a collage, covered it with acrylic and then stamped on the acrylic. The gal with the martini in her says, "I've got a master's degree in beach walking!"

I thought that was just perfect!!!

I've used the new MSE swirls on this page..sized perfectly!

I found all of this in the store....just so much fun. OK...the little shirts....stamped images

More photo holders:

A piece of paper. And then I simply took Ranger's white pen and wrote over the words on the acrylic. In the middle of it all, I stamped my new fav stamp: "Some people live in the fast lane, I live in oncoming traffic."

I just love that!

And guess what...I have been to every single place written on this page!!!

No, not on this trip...but in the 9 years that I lived out here I hit them all....numerous times!

More places for photos. I really need to get to the beach!

I love how this one turned out. I love white stazon ink!

This is what the acrylic looks like:

And this is the collage page under it

More photo holders

Another fun page. I found this was white. So I inked it and turned it into colors that I liked.

I distressed the tag and outlined the letters with the white pen.

Here's the back

And on the acrylic, I put these little faux sea glass letters:

You can use your crop-a-dile and punch holes in the acrylic and add little dangling charms:

Isn't this just an adorable book? All I have to do next is get my photos in it and add a little journaling about my trip to San Deigo. Hmmm...or I could leave it as it is and put it up for auction on ebay. Hmmmm.......oh! the ideas that float around in my head! LOLOL!

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