Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, tonight I'm going to share the new Quickutz Flourish die cut with the Wizard. Not a tutorial this time, just a sample. If you go to my website and click on videos, Torrey and I did one that shows you how to emboss long things in the Wizard. Just follow that. It's the video called "Rustic Bling".

Is that just stunning? This particular cigar box had such gorgeous wood that I decided I didn't want to cover it. So I used undu to remove the label (remember, it's Bestine!)

I diecut this 12" die in the Wizard using Amaco Pewter. I then used my MercArt tools and added some texture to the pewter, and added the raised dots.

Then I "painted" the silver pewter by using my 1" x 2" pieces of Ranger cut 'n dry foam and tapping on alcohol ink. Pour some ink on your craft sheet, pick it up with the foam, and tap it onto the metal. You can get a very nicely blended color by doing this....and void the "polished stone" technique. Next, I applied a layer of glossy accents and let it dry clear.

The ballerina is another quickutz die cut in pewter. I used my tools to give texture to her dress area, sponged on cranberry alcohol ink and applied GA to just the dress. Isn't she darling?

There is a 3rd Quickutz die that I used to make the smaller flourishes that I added around the ballerina:

And added a couple of flourishes colored with Meadow

A closeup of some of the texture

This was done with a textured roller

You could do any arrangement you wanted....I sort of liked her dancing through the swirls!

This way I preserve the beautiful wood from the box:

This will definitely make a wonderful treasure box for some little girl....but I think for the time being I will keep it on my dresser! How fun to make such pretty little things using my Wizard and a few Quickutz! A little ink, a little metal, and a little glossy accents. Doesn't take much to make something so pretty. And once again, I'm using a cigar box....something the local smoke shop would toss if I didn't grab it!

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Kriss said...

Very pretty! Hey! How are you? You're banner looks great,and so does your blog. I finally (a little embarrassed here) responded to being tagged long, long time ago by you.