Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Greencraft Flower arranging

I'm visiting mom this week and she saw the flower arrangements on my blog and decided she wanted some flowers. So, off to the thrift store we went. Absolutely nothing. I walked down the rows 2 or 3 times looking for a ready-made bouquet. What was I thinking? My left brain had taken over again? So I walked down the aisle again, this time, trying to loosen up and think like an altered artist.....

Picked up some really cheap stems. Sometimes I think the older they are the better....look for the ones that just flop.

And then there was this adorable metal thing. Same little gardening angel on both sides:

Think it was a candle holder?

And a plain glass jar that fit inside the metal thingy.

Pretty boring stuff. All for under $5.00. Ya gotta love a thrift store. I took all the stems apart, cut them short, and I think I like the end result:

Almost the same from the other side:

Just about as cute as you can get. I did clip the metal wire across the top of the metal candle holder, but how easy, how fun and how cheap. Taught myself a good lesson today...quit looking at flowers as flowers....look at each item as a part of the whole, look at the things no one else wants. Look at candle holders as vase holders. What can you do with what you have or what you are about to discard?

For 2008, the buzzword is green craft. Recycling. Making something new out of something old. I think we did good today!

Hey Linda, does this count for your challenge?

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