Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to stuff a closet

As I continue to recover from my bout with pneumonia, I will continue to share the Closets of My Life:

In 1998, I thought that my closet was going to be empty. Jason had graduated high school and left me all alone. I moved back to Colorado to be close to my sisters and mom. Dad had walked on. Jeff was living with his father. I knew I didn't want to be alone, so I put an ad at That's where Kerry & I met, that year!

He moved me into his house (see lower right hand corner...I thought it was a mansion!) and for the first time in my life, there were recessed doors in the house. I always loved this type of door...It just doesn't take up space in a room! So the door in this layout is recessed. It's on the left and slides under the right side of the page. Again, done on foam core board.

And yes, I know it should be spelled divine! But I'm leaving it just like it is....I like it when people point out my mistakes!!!

Inside this closet are all the ticket stubs and clippings from places Kerry took me the first month we dated. A letter that I wrote to him when I designed this layout that he has never read. A chronicle of our dating. He truly filled my closets with so many memories....some of the momentos have now been stored in boxes in the basement! What on earth does one do with the programs to 10 different Cirque de Soleils?

Closets....where we hide things. If you go back and look at the left side of this layout, you will see a tiny heart locket on the lower right hand side. Inside this locket is a link from a diamond bracelet that Kerry gave me in 1999. It was too large so we had it resized and the 2 extra diamonds are inside this locket. I'm thinking I should have them taken out and reset into earrings.....but it's sort of fun to know that there are hidden things of value inside the "Closets of My Life".

That photo of the 4 Moore Girls was taken when the 4 of us took our husbands and went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico in November, of the most fun trips of my life!

Five decades of closets, 50 years of memories...are you ready to see my closet for 2008? Well, just remember, this album was designed in it was the closet of my future! We'll take a peek inside that one tomorrow.


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