Sunday, October 14, 2007

Barbra sang.....

Do you ever sit and listen to the words of a song and get your inspiration from it? I do. I think songwriters are beyond amazing! In one of Barbra Streisands songs, the lyrics read:

"I say we each choose roads to call our own but none of us is traveling through this universe alone. And this circle just goes on and on, it began before will be here when we've gone. And this circle goes on and on connecting our humanity, joining me to you and you to me. Seasons keep spinning on the wheel of time, we stand, we fall, we struggle up the mountains we must climb. Different dreams may colour what we see ahead but our lives are strong together, on a common thread, and this circle just goes on and on."

I pick the songs I like based on their words. And from my favorite songs often come some of my favorite projects. One of my first projects was an album titled "The Closets of My Life". It's been shown on PBS Scrapbooking & Memories as well as on DIY. I picked a closet from each decade of my life, reconstructed it, filled it with memories and just giggled the entire time!

In 1958, we were still living in our little house on the corner of my Great Great Grandpa House's farm. Very plain closet. But I made little pockets around the door that open and contain all kinds of memories of my childhood. Candy that dad brought home in his lunchbox, boardgames that we little things!

On the back of the closet door, my journaling reads: "My Sister's Closet...Just one tiny closet, and one tiny bedroom, shared by all 4 of us. Not many clothes, but a whole lot of games and books. Not many things, but our Bibles, our Bible study lessons, and our Sunday hats and shoes. My memories have faded over time. But when I look at these pictures I can still feel that summer day when we created phones out of tin cans, we buried our dolls in the sand, and tickled our cats tails. I can still see the swingset that dad built and hear our laughter and our screams when we swang too high. I remember playing with Grandma's jewelry on her bed, swimming in the horse trough and wading in the creek. Our lives were rich with love, with family, and blessings from our Lord. Most of all, we had each other!!! Where has time gone? If I am left with nothing but the memories of my youth, then I will cherish my thoughts of those summer days, playing with you, the innocence of our youth, and all those wonderful memories that I have of growing up with you in our little house on the corner of our Great Great Grandfather's farm."

And then inside the closet, tiny paper-pieced outfits that spin on a wheel, dressing a photo of me in the style of that generation.

The seasons of my life keep spinning on the wheel of time.....this circle...just goes on and on... connecting our humanity, joining me to you and you to me.

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