Monday, February 4, 2008

My unimagined life

Continuing with the Closets of My Life album....the next decade was 1978. (1958 and 1968 have been shared.) And again, using all Chatterbox papers, each decade is a 2 page "layout". This is the year that my first son was born. He is the reason for my unimagined life because no matter what they tell you about being a mom, giving just cannot imagine it until you have experienced it!

I was married and we had purchased a tiny 900 sq ft house right out of the 1950s. The closets had bi-fold wood doors, so I stapled floral fabric on the doors to brighten them up. In my album, I recreated the bifold doors with floral paper. I've used foam core board to give me enough depth to create closets that you can actually put things into.

December 78!!! So unimagined! So completely, sweetly surprising! I'm in love. I'm married and now my heart is just bursting with love for my newborn son, Jason. My closet no longer has room for anything from my past, so everything is tucked away into scrapbooks, photo albums, boxes and trunks. My son has his own closet, but it's really mine.

Inside the left door, I continue the story of the 4 Moore Girls. I reproduced my BSBA on the bottom. Colleen is now married with 2 kids.

April is married with a son:

And when you open up the closet, more treasures in the center. I kept the rose from the alter on the day my son was baptized. I kept a shiny new coin from the year of his birth. I painted Winnie-the-pooh and Tiger on the wall in his room. I make up little songs to sing to him because there is nothing written that expresses how I feel about him and how much I love him. I sing to him all the time, rocking him, loving him with all my heart, with all my being. I have never known a love like this. I have never experienced a joy like this. Each day, each moment, this baby of mine reveals to me that I have the capacity, the ability to love him more than I did the day before. Each day he reveals new emotions to me, new feelings, new hopes and new fears. He has altered my life, my goals and most definitely, he has altered the closets of my life forever.

And when you pull down the ID tag from the hospital, under that is an altered pop-up card....behind the window you can see the photo of Tiger and Pooh that were painted on his wall.

An unimagined all began the day my first son was born. My altered closets...always room for one more memory!

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