Sunday, February 17, 2008

Destiny is not something you wait for.

Destiny is choice. - Walter Anderson

When I designed the album, "The Closets of my Life" in the fall of 2003....I had only been scrapbooking since February of that year. So you can see that I learned quickly....and went way beyond the boundaries even back then. As I was picking a closet every decade, I decided to do a "dream" closet for 2008. I was halfway through the decade. Kerry and I had married. Our life together was just an adventure as he was happily showing me the world, trying to expand who I was.

Here's what I wrote in 2003 about 2008:

In 2008, I will be 56 years old. Colleen will be 55, Elaine will be 54 and April will be 52, and my son, Jason, will be 30. There are already new memories in this closet. The 4 Moore Girls took their first vacation together in 33 years. We went to Puerto Vallarta for a week. A year later, April′s husband died and that will change our future. Kerry has a new granddaughter. I will need to keep things for her! I′ve lost 30 lbs and I have retired. For the first time in my life, I am able to stay at home!!! I have time to go back through all my memories and put them in scrapbooks and display all the things I′ve saved these many years!!!

There are planned events that I will add to my closet! In January 2004, we are going on a 15 day cruise down through the Panama Canal. I hope to get the first stamp in my passport on this trip! I want to go to Israel. Maybe my son will get married and have children; maybe I will be a Grandma! I would love to open a scrapbook store and design a line of scrapbook paper.

I have designed a huge walk in closet for my future, filled with all my scrapbook stuff. Filled with Chatterbox stuff!!! I know I am going to need a whole lot more space to store all my memories, my scrapbooks, my journals, my keepsakes, and my secrets!!! My life is so full right now, I cannot imagine it getting any better, but I know that it will!!!

As I look back at the closets of my life, they are full of wonderful memories, things that I love to touch and feel, stories that can make me laugh and cry. The seasons of my life continue to spin on the wheel of time. Each day that God gives me, He allows me to be a part of this wonderful, unimagined life of mine. One day, I will walk on, but hopefully these memories of mine will live forever tucked away in the closets of my life!

My dream back then was to own a scrapbook store and I decided to create one inside of this pop-up layout. Of course, I was doing this for a chatterbox this is filled with Chatterbox supplies.

You can see 2 rows of mini layouts. I simply downsized copies of projects I had done. Then 5 rows of product. Did I really want to own a store? Yep...I even made an offer on a local store that was going out of business. But it fell through and today, in 2008, I am truly grateful for that!

Another row of mini layouts across the top. Across the bottom are mini file folders filled with 1" squares of Chatterbox paper.

I do not own a store...rather I have a studio that looks much like this. Walls filled with product, layouts everywhere...tables for my friends to come and play with. All the fun benefits of owning a store...none of the risk, stress or worry...and loads of time to create and design just the way I like.

I'm so glad I did not wait to own a store. I'm so glad that I created my own destiny...having a place to play all the time!

How fast the past 5 years have flown! This month marks the 5th anniversary of my artistic career. Sort of fun!

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