Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time flies

Now, remember, I'm not a cardmaker, I'm not a stamper....I just play! LOL! This is the card that I did for the Ranger Design Team call. It was fun!

And when you open up the card....just some totally fun rubber stamps, inked and colored. Yep, once again, I started with white cardstock and used black ink on the stamps, then colored the whole thing with Ranger products.

You can see that a craft knife was used to make all the little cuts and then they are folded in the opposite direction of the card's folds to make them "pop".

Gives it a very 3D look. It's one of my favorite techniques!

Michelle Bodensteiner was my instructor who first taught me how to do this technique. She stamped the images on flat paper, made the cuts with a craft knife, then made the folds. But I figured out how to use my wizard and geometric dies to make the cuts. Just take the thin spacer plate and position the dies and hold them down with some scotch tape. Next, cut thin strips of the tan polymer pad and postition them where you do NOT want the dies to cut. This would be the part that is the fold on the card to make it pop.

This was difficult to photo, but you want to place the mountain fold of the card in the center of the dies. I did mark my center with a black marker so I could easily line them up. The top will cut a circle, but remember, it won't cut where the tan polymer pad is. The bottom one will cut a small square.

When done, simply flip your card over to the other 2 mountain folds and cut them with the circle on the bottom, square on the top. Then position your stamps over the cuts, ink and embellish. People will think you spent hours doing intricate cuts like I did for this sample....but all you really did was run it through the Wizard a couple of times!

I figure the more shortcuts I can come up with...the more time I have to play!!!

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More things to are super...those "mechanical" things frighten it w/go on my If I Ever Have Time Pile! tu