Friday, January 25, 2008

Paper, Ink and stamps..oh my!!!

One of these weeks when you are bored and don't know what to do.....give this one a try! It only took 16 hours and it was my first attempt!

This was made using sheets of white glossy cardstock, Rangers Adirondack inks and stamps. It's the same thing as the card that I posted yesterday. Each layer has 4 cards placed together on the ends with a sheet of cardstock across the top. This is known as a tabletop structure. By layering 2 of these structures together (the lower one is a smaller structure), I made a faux lantern.

Each of the 4 sides on both levels is different. I made this will taking a class from Michelle Bodensteiner and she learned this technique from Joyce Hazen of a Stamp in the Hand. Now, take a closer look. To attach the cards to the platform, I used inked, foil wrapped mini dominos edged with dice. On the bottom, asian coins are glued together to create "legs".

On top of the platform, I used dice and domino tiles again, but added the mini amulets filled with beads. The cuts were made with a craft knife. Background inks were stippled on. Ya need loads of elbow grease to do this....imagine stippling ink onto 8 sheets of glossy cardstock!

And then I had to invent my hanging aparatis. I used copper wire inside of copper tubes. All 4 wires came up through a center bead, then I wrapped the wire to form the top hanging closure.

The wires come down through the platform, I added beads, then twisted the wire back up over the beads.

All 16 corners on this lantern are done a little different. You can spend hours looking this thing over!

I love the idea of tiny glass bottles filled with glittery glass seed beads, topped off with a wood bead. Just so much fun!

Again, you can see how each corner is a little different. Also note the sequened fiber running along the platform edge.

16 hours of sheer creative fun! And while I did this one with all oriental stamps....I can just visualize it done with paper dolls and little girl stamps! I know that Michelle made one that was country western and draped soft leather over the top. I'm not sure anyone else has ever made one of these.

Imagine what a little paper, some ink and some stamps can do! Who would have thought it would turn out to be a paper lantern? I really do not consider myself to be a stamper....but perhaps I should reconsider that! LOL!!


Gerrie said...

OMG....geeeeessssssssh! You are leaving me breathless here....this is just fantabulous! All the thoughts, ideas and "stuff" so well put together, it just purrzzz.

Ann said...

Do we have to work, sleep and do normal stuff - I want to make a faux latern - this is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing.

Jen Lowe said...

Gerrie, thanks! Ann, I worked for 33 years...started at 18, retired at 51. And I've never had more fun in my life than I am now....just playing!

StampinCarol said...

This is amazing! I just keep looking and looking! WOW! Someday I hope to have talent and creativity like you!

Beth Norman said...

Oh my heavens, this looks like so much fun. I love it! Lots of work and it shows. Wonderful project.