Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And I wonder why I hurt!!!

You know, there are days when I just wonder what goes on in my head! I had a perfectly lovely studio. But it was set up in pods. I had tables for metal clay, tables for scrapbooking, and tables for classes. Whenever I had a large group over, we would be split up among the 3 groups of tables and someone asked if I could rearrange my studio so we could all sit in one large group!

Sure! Not problem! Piece of Cake!

And I should have had myself committed to the local looney bin about that time! LOLOL!!!

My studio is in our unfinished basement. You will see...it's great! When you first enter, our "old" mac desktop with the 22" monitor is set up for everyone to use. And in the event you don't like an apple....there's a pc laptop right beside it! You can print your 12x12 layouts, too!

And this is what I wanted....12 students/friends/family can sit around the huge square. There's space in the center for all to walk around and see what everyone else is working on. And look at those chairs...all padded...all on wheels. Over 800 square feet of play space here!

So, taking a tour, behind the computers, I tucked one kiln under the stairs. Note the huge fire extinguisher! No plans to use it, but we also have a first aid kit hanging on the wall which is fully stocked...just in case I try to burn myself or the house down!

The second kiln is next to that. I only run one kiln at a time for safety reasons, but I can run them back to back.

My bookcase wall separates my studio from the other half of the basement where Kerry has all of his N-Scale trains set up. He said he wanted a playhouse...I think we are well on our way!

This is my sewing nook, doll repair center, and vintage clothing restoration workstation. Loads of unfinished projects piling up over here!

My diecut/punch/cutting table. 2 Wizards, a Bind-it-All, Big Shot, Cuttlebug, Purple Cows cutters, heavy duty ancient government cutter which I love, and tons of paper punches.

Next to that is my sidekick, and bins filled with cutting mats, embossing pads, dies....just more fun stuff to play with!

I've completely redone the wall behind me. Unmounted all of my rubber stamps....over 2000 of them and put them on EZMount (love that stuff) and into CD cases that are labeled by type.

Here's another angle looking at the play place where I can host classes, workshops, playdates and more! Even have a huge space heater in the center for when it gets too cold down here. Trust me....that thing puts out so much heat we have to turn it off after 30 minutes!

I love having all the drawers behind me. I can spin around, pull out what I need...it's all at my fingertips! Great workstation!

You can see the big TV on the right that Kerry gifted to the studio (yeah!) My sis is here this week. Together, we moved those paper racks without taking the paper off! We took everything off the pegboard wall and repositioned it. We moved a very heavy 5 drawer steel flat file (those things have to weigh a ton!) and we wonder why we hurt! I sure couldn't have done all this without her! But I have to admit...we are way too old to do this much work! LOL!

This is my new metal clay/polymer clay/jewelry making workstation. And my photo center.

And I have room across from me for Colleen to play when she comes down...or if I only have a couple of students....that's going to be their workstation.

Next to that is my glass cutting workstation. Glass saw, grinder and drill...I think we pretty much have all the toys down here!

And now that you've made the circle around my studio...here's my "wall of cards"....some of the wonderful cards that my creative pals send me.

Now that I'm done with my studio, I'm off to finish the guest bedroom....painting Lucy McGoo on the wall. I'm hoping to have a fun place for my out-of-town friends to stay when they come to play! When are you going to come play???

I have no idea where this burst of energy is coming from, but I'm loving it! Yet I keep wondering....why do I hurt?



Margie H said...

OMGosh, Jen! This is a FAB playroom!! It gives me great ideas as I have an unfinished basement where I put my stash :0)

And yes, you should hurt! WOW!

And another yes to I wanna visit! LOL!!

Torrey said...

Holy moly, jeebus in a winderbox.

Jen, I SO need you to come to TX with me to unload my studio. Just think...you would have a fresh, new space--a "tabula rasa" to play with.

I'd even supply cheesecake and mudslides.

It looks fabulous! Your energy level astounds me.

(inserts subliminal message)

Gerrie said...

OMG< someone with more stuff than me! (I have 4 kilns, all sitting lonely, not used forever)...I think I luv you! We should live together, and play nite and day!

Jen Lowe said...

WHAT??? 4 kilns you do NOT use?

I'm having heart palpitations! Need oxygen! Call 911!!! QUICK!


Sorry...the thought of 4 unused kilns....more than I can handle. Yes, you need to move next door. Actually, the house 2 down from here is on the market! How soon can you move?

Ron said...

Love the pix, Jen! I so wish I had even half the space that you do, maybe someday! And then I saw my card on your wall! How cool is that?!?!?! You made my day! {{hugs}} to you!