Monday, January 7, 2008


Oh yes, another new word! As in Kaleidoscope rocks. LOL! Hey! If photoshop can make up a word like spherize, then I guess I can make up a word like kaleidoscrocks!!!

I'm working with Fimo clay today. Making my entry for the Bottles of Hope project. Now, my first suggestion is that you go watch all 3 of Linda Peterson's videos on how to make "rocks".

Then take some black Fimo and make a few beads. I happen to just love my new #8 bead roller set! I also used a # 1 set.

I'm also mixing up my artistic mentors a bit today. When I was at the Metal Clay World Conference in Las Vegas last August, I made this kaleidoscope smooch cane with Lisa Pavelka. Yep, I made this cane in August and am just now using it!

There's more than enough...I just slice it into paper thin slices (well, on a good day they would all be paper thin!!!)

And then I tear off bits and pieces of the slice and layer them over the tiny little beads that I made with the # 8 roller. Leave a little bit of black for a different kind of look:

On the larger, oval beads, I decided to go for a more patterned look:

Stuck the wires through them and placed them on the baking rack. Just 20 minutes in Amaco's clay oven and they are done!

OK, this is NOT my final project...but I just laid them out on the table so you could get an idea of what these beads look like:

And a closeup of the center beads:

The Bottles of Hope project requires an amulet in the center and I've got a fun idea for that! I'm going to incorporate some metal clay, some silver wire, some Swarovski crystals and who knows what else. It will be an altered kaleidoscrocks project. My next step was to paint each bead with a couple of layers of a polymer clay hardener. That's drying right now and I will start in again in the morning.

Kaleidoscope Smooch canes with Clay Cafe Rocks!!! My new Kaleidoscrocks!!!

Can I just say that kaleidoscrocks ROCK!!!!!


Linda Peterson Designs said...

Fimo Rocks! Your Canes ROCK! Your Beads Rock! and YOU ROCK!

Jen Lowe said...

And mom would say there are rocks in my head!


She keeps me humble!

Ginni said...

Cool beans..uh, I mean beads! Really are neat!