Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Anna's Broken Heart

My sister, Colleen, and I both do metal clay. Her website is finally up and running so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Silver Art Studio

Be sure to read about Anna's broken heart That's Colleen's granddaughter, my great niece, who was born with only 2 chambers in her heart. I think the poem that Colleen wrote says it all. This little 3 year old child struggles to live each day and as soon as she weighs 30 pounds, they can do a heart transplant.

This is one of the teardrops that Colleen has designed....tears for Anna's heart.

And yes...that's metal clay! Amazing what you can make with clay!

Ran Danari is a young Jewish man that Colleen met and he wrote the song that plays on her website. I think the group he plays in will do well.

All her pieces were photographed by our brother, Nelson. And my husband designed both her website and mine. I am so blessed to have such a talented family!

Her mask is my absolute favorite piece....inspired by a Judikins stamp. So if you think I have fun playing with clay, just imagine what it's like when the 2 of us get together!!!

And this month, Art Clay Society's quarterly newsletter featured Anna's Broken Heart on the page facing an article I wrote titled "Making Money while Playing!" How fun to have sisters published together once again!

Anna's broken heart....turning sorrow into sunshine, making life better for others. It's part of what makes us all so creative!

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