Sunday, January 6, 2008

Attention Flight Attendants!

You know, traveling with altered luggage is just like having a blue flashing light and shouting, "Attention Flight Attendants"....and then "there's something you gotta see coming down the aisle!"

I'm finally sharing my Chatterbox luggage. Again, something that is just too big to ship off to a magazine to get published....but something that turns heads no matter where I go.

Invariably I will hear someone behind me look at the image of Lucy McGoo on the luggage and say, "Who is Lucy McGoo?" I will stop, turn around, smile, and say, "Lucy McGoo is the child in you, she wants to play, we hope you have a great day!" and then turn back around and walk away....listening for the giggles that always follow!

The back, which no one really sees....could use a bit more now that I see it through the eyes of my camera!

I do love the smaller handbag. This is what my 2006 calendar fit inside of. Well, that and not much else! These are by Chatterbox and no longer available, but once in awhile, I do see them on ebay. Originally a 5 piece set (yep, I had to have all 5 pieces) I found mine on ebay for about $99 total. I think it originally sold for $400. Just a totally fun set to travel with!

Looks like a little repair work is due's supposed to say "R we there yet?" You can see I haven't traveled with this for a few's almost always my carry-on luggage.

As a stacked set, it's just perfect to travel with. I'd have to say that I've had flight attendents threaten to steal this from me. The large bag fits nicely in the overhead bins and the little one goes right under the seat in front of me. I have never traveled with this set without getting numerous comments. The funniest one is that people will ask me if I'm a flight attendant....of course, I tell them no, I'm an artist!

Now, would you dare to alter your carryon luggage? Doesn't have to be Chatterbox brand...could be anything at all. Most of these are stickers that I purchased, or were given to me, but many are things that I printed and then adhered with E6000. It would work on any canvas or leather bag, hard sided or soft sided. I think it's about time for me to add a few more embellishments to this set.....and then plan my next trip!

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Margie H said...

WOW!!! Jen, this is FABULOUS! I love it! Thanks for sharing this great idea!