Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Childhood dreams

Another collaboration with my sis, Colleen. She sketched the photo of the little boy. I wrote the poem. I used actual wood from an old corn crib for this one. The kid looked like "Tex" to me!

The weathered slat from an old corn crib,
A measure of times gone by
A little boy with a dream so big
With goals as big as the sky.

A cowboy is all he wants to be
But he’s only three feet tall
He listens as Grandpa tells a tale
As they wander down the hall

Out to the barn and up on the fence
Where all the stories seem true
Cowboys and Indians once lived here
Beneath this big sky, so blue!

They lived in teepes and tiny huts
And fought each other all day
As Grandpa tells the story again
The little boy dreams away

Of cowboys and Indians all now gone
Of days in a time gone by
Of things he would like to see himself
Of things that he’d like to try

When he grows tall and old and stronger
When he is a man – on day
He’ll be a cowboy, he’s sure of that
He’s certainly on his way!

I just have so much fun writing poems about everything! Here's one just for you!

What were your childhood dreams?
Where did they go?
How long since you last thought of them?
Is it time to make them come true?

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Gerrie said...

...that's awesome!