Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Art from my heart

I wanted to share a new English TV show from Jerusalem that you can watch from the internet. Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem The first show was on 1/3/08 and you can see a different perspective on what's going on. Ari & Jeremy. I liked their humor...2 Jews, 3 opinions. A bit of humor, history, and current events. The video may seem a little long, but truly insightful. Give it a few minutes to load when you click on the link. I can't wait for Tuesdays now, just to see where they go with this.

I am not Jewish. But I truly believe that the Jews are the chosen people, that the Bible was written by Jews, about Jews, for Jews, that 100% of the Bible's authors were Jews. The Old Testamen was written in Hebrew and I do not for one second believe that any of us can fully understand what the writers were saying unless we understand that language, know history, and study endlessly. The same applies to Greek. What we read are over 52 different translations that are interspersed with the English writer's interpretation of that language. For instance, King James would behead his scribes if he didn't like what they wrote. How long do you think it took the remaining scribes to learn how to write what the King wanted, rather than what the scriptures said? LOL!

Ever since I visited Israel a little over 2 years ago, I have longed to move there. I do know that one of my ancestral lines has been traced back to Judah who descends from Isaac, Jacob and Abraham. And the land of Israel was promised to Abraham's descendants. I have to wonder if that is where this intense longing comes from? When I walked along the Sea of Galilee, my heart leapt as I recalled the words from a childhood song, "I walked Today Where Jesus Walked, and felt His presence..." My experiences in Israel were life altering and most of the things I have designed since then include a Star of David, often hidden, somewhere in the design.

My art comes from my heart. And my heart belongs to Hashem. I don't expect many of you to share my beliefs or even want to try to understand them. But to know my art is to know me.

My prayer is that Ari & Jeremy will set Israel on fire for Hashem. My religious beliefs are a huge part of my ability to design art. So from time to time, I feel a very strong need to write about that as well.

Where does your art come from? What sets your spirit on fire? How passionate are you about what you believe?

The shofar blows 100 notes
to make us think today
about the things of our past year
and send our sins away.

The shofar blows a note of hope
our year will start anew
An apple dipped in honey means
a sweet New Year for you.

The shofar blows 100 notes
his eyes are closed to pray
That life will be a sweet, sweet song
Each and every day.

The shofar blows this Holy Day
bringing Shava Tova once more
Remembering these traditions
as others did before.

My mom painted the picture, I wrote the poem. Papers are by Shalom Scrapper.

Know my art....know my heart.

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