Friday, November 30, 2007

"Where Women Create"

That's the title of a book that was out a year or so ago. I bought it. Read every single page. Thinking that if I had a studio like their's I could design like them!

Well...that is NOT true!

I have learned that we need to design our own space to design in. We are each different and unique people....and that's what makes our designs different and unique. I could no more design in a space designed by someone else than anything! Think about style is "my" style...not theirs!

So, I happen to think I've put together a rather lovely place to design. I'm happy there. Yes, it's a basement....and an unfinished basement at that. But I look around and see the things I love, things other's have made for me, and with tons of huge tables to work on, I can spread out....or I can put it all away and have a lovely place to teach, or to share with friends and family when they want to come and just play.

This is what you see at first glance. Along the left, that's my diecut work center. Spellbinders, Sizzix and ProvoCraft. Yep...I like to compare! LOL! And my glass cutting, grinding and drilling workstations are on that well. And there's the laptop lab.

You can see the scrapbook paper on the back wall and to the right is my "wall of embellishments". Below them are drawers filled with all kinds of fun things to alter and collage.

This is the corner where I work most of the time. TV on the wall, laptop behind me....

and behind my seat is my "Wall of Ranger". Being a member of their Design Team this past year, I needed to have all of my Ranger products right where I could grab them in a second. And I think this is where they will stay as I continue to use them in most all of my design work.

And stamps. Nope, I'm not a stamper. But I do have loads of stamps! LOL! Now, take note of all the cheap little plastic bins with drawers. Easy to move. Transluscent so I can see through them. Light weight. And if I ever have to physically move my studio to another location...well, the packing is already done!!!

This is my little sewing alcove....where I photograph my work, do doll repair...sort of multi tasking!

And my kiln, firing, soldering station.

A little has changed since I took these photos...I now have a second kiln! And a professional polisher for the metal clay. There are a total of 12 banquet tables in my studio and 16 chairs, so plenty of room to come and play.

That's it! It's my "play place". Yep, there are days when I feel like I'm back in Kindergarten and can just play as much as I want, as long as I want! I never really feel like this is work...even when I have deadlines pressing in on me. I just play. And that's what I'd like to inspire others to do...just play.

So even though the book "Where Women Create" is an interesting read...just learn from me. The space where you design needs to be a space that you came up with. That way it will guarantee that what comes out of the space reflects you in the designs you make! Years ago, I did everything in a spare closet. Literally. For a time, I had a workbench in the garage. I've had my "studio in a bedroom, in the living room, on the dining room table, and I really think the ideal place for it might be in the kitchen. Just could eat and play at the same time!

I really think someone needs to write a book titled "how to design a place to play"! Oh...maybe they did that when they designed Kindergarten playgrounds!


Debby said...

I wish I could come play some day.:-( Alas I don't travel much. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jen said...

Come any time you like! I think I'm going to turn our guest bedroom into a single B&B! LOL!