Thursday, December 6, 2007

Metal Clay Play Day

A few days ago, I blogged about diecutting paper type Art Clay silver using Spellbinders new "flying beauties" die:

My friend Kathy was here today and we played with metal the paper type format. She was here to make a kimono pendant and I wanted to play along. So I gave her a sheet of Art Clay Silver Paper type and I used a sheet of PMC+Sheet.

Just a few differences!

The PMC sheet is 2.375" x 2.375", 5 grams and cost about $10.00 retail.

The ACS sheet is 3" x 3", 10 grams and cost about $20.00 retail.

As you can see, my kimono is about half the size of hers. I really did not like that. Even though it cost half as is half the size and would rather have had the larger kimono.

As you can see, I decided to embellish my kimono with one of the diecuts I had put together last week. So much fun!!!

For me, there was a huge difference between the 2 sheets. When you held the PMC sheet in your hand, it totally flopped over the side of your hand. When you held the ACS stayed flat.

When you fold the PMC sheet, it wants to open back up. When you fold the ACS sheet, it tends to stay closed...or in position where you folded it.

We fired both pieces in the same kiln at 1472F for 30 minutes. They both did fine at that temp.

When fired, they are both .999 fine silver, so we could use ACS oil paste to add flowers and such.

As you can see, my kimono is about half the size of Kathy's.

She added some swarovski crystals to the front of her kimono when done.

I added a tiny one to the center of mine. We used SS wire from Beadalon to make our pendants. I really want to go by my saying, "make it today, wear it tonight" and I did just that...wore mine out to dinner tonight!

So not only did we have a great play day today, but while the pieces were in the kiln, I showed Kathy all the latest tricks on using Friendly Plastic. So she got a double class today!

Sure was fun! Playing with clay. Making gorgeous kimono pendants.

OK, say it with me! "Make it today, wear it tonight!" Just check out my calendar for more metal clay play days coming up!

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