Friday, December 7, 2007

Jen the Silversmith???

Is that where the path of life is leading me? I certainly do not know...but I am having a blast taking my first silver soldering class! Yikes! Torches and kilns just scare me to no end...but here I am...flame in hand...soldering silver, making sterling jewelry!

My first ring was just a simple wedding band to learn how to solder a joint. But really, not too bad, huh? Anyone need a cheap wedding band? I'm willing to make you one if you are willing to take my flops! LOL!!

My second piece was soldering sterling wire together. Well, we also made the bezel for the stone by soldering the bezel wire to sterling silver below it. Now that was a trip, but I totally love the outcome. Not bad at all for my second piece!

And this is just amazing to me. My third piece. A ring! And it fit me! We made the bezel cup for the stone, then made the ring. I was just beyond excited by all this! I can't wait to see how well I can mix metal clay with sterling silver. I think it leaves the design spectrum wide open!

So in just 3 classes, I've made 3 rings (there was a second flat band ring as well) and a pendant. I think I'm about ready to
purchase my own torch! But I must take a moment to brag on my instructor. Chad Parker If you live anywhere close to Colorado, check out his classes here. I felt like I had my money back the very first night...the rest of it is all a bonus! There are 2 more classes left...I can hardly wait!

So I may never actually be a silversmith, but taking classes and learning something new...I hope I never stop doing that!

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