Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Right brain, left brain.....

I'm starting to build a huge inventory of silver jewelry, so my next step is to get an online store up and running and post some of these pieces for sale. That's where the right and left sides of my brain clash! I used to be totally left brained. That's the MBA in me. But now, with art, I'm more right brained. That's where I totally lose all track of time and will sit in my studio for hours on end and just play. So you do see the conflict? I'm creating these wonderful pieces of silver with my right brain and now I need to switch gears today and call up the left side to think about website designs, storefront issues, connectivity, web cams....and I truly find all that boring these days....when just a few short years ago that was what filled my days and nights.

Have you ever stopped to question which "side" of your brain you spend most of your time in?

The left side of the brain:

processes step by step
remembers names, not faces
makes logical deductions from information
focus on details, work up to the whole from steps
likes making lists, planning
likely to follow rules without questioning them
good at keeping track of time
spelling & math formulas easily memorized
enjoys observing
plans ahead
reads an instruction manual before trying

The right side of the brain:
intuitive, led by feelings
processes ideas simultaneously
writing things down or illustrating to remember
make lateral connections from information
sees the whole first, then the details
Highly organized but no organization
free association
wants to know why you do something, why rules exist
no sense of time
has trouble spelling
can't find the words to express yourself
enjoys touching and feeling the actual objects
trouble prioritising
very often late
does not read the instruction manual before trying
listen to how something is being siad
listens to what is being said
talks with your hands
likely to think you're naturally creative, but need to apply yourself to develop your potential
likely to believe you're not creative, need to be willing to try and take risks to develop your potential

and here's a quiz to tell you which side you are! Just substitute the word "painting" for whatever medium you use to create with.

I took the quiz and my score was 55% which means that my right and left brain work together equally. Duh..I'm a libra...balanced. (and if you know me personally, you would know that's a joke as I am anything BUT balanced!) LOL!

But I will say that I try to balance the time I play with the time I do left brain stuff like pay bills, visit family, clean house, take care of my flower gardens. I never knew how much fun it could be though to step into the right side of my brain, allow it to take over and to look up at the clock 11 hours later and feel like only 20 minutes had passed. As I age, I think I will reason with myself that is the reason why "time flies"...I'm allowing more and more of my right brain to come forward and play!

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Ron said...

OMG, I scored a 55%, too! How funny is that?! I wonder if it's a woocie-thing?