Monday, October 29, 2007

Itsy Judi Bittie Book

This is just pure fun! My friend, Judi Hodgkin, in London, owns Scrapperdashery. And I LOVE her stuff! So I used her papers and some Paper Artsy stamps and a little bit of Ranger's Distress inks (Tim Holtz) to make an itty bitty book for her. And even though I put Judi's name in the's really all about me!

The title page says "Eccentric art" "think happy thoughts" "think outside the box". What I want for my life is summed up in those 3 phrases.

On the first page, it says "odd things on my mind" and "unspoken words". Think about those phrases. We all have odd things on our minds quite often.....and perhaps it's best to leave them there and not tell a they remain there as unspoken words!!!

On page 2, it says "artistical", "altered" and "watching the world pass by". Is that me?

Page 3: "strange reality", "odd", "curiosity" "quirk" "transform" "weird" "dream". Dad always said, "don't do it just because everyone else does it". I think he wanted me to be my own individual self. He would be so proud!!!

Page 4: "the wild thing". Well, I'm not quite as wild as I once was.....but I think as I age, perhaps what's inside my brain is a bit wilder than anything else. Best leave those thoughts as "unspoken words"!!!!!

Art: it's the connection between the odd things in my mind, the unspoken words, that get turned into fun little projects like this. All with meaning....somewhere....somehow. Does " what you create" come from "what you are"? Because I think that deep down, we create a piece of us in everything we do.

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Judi said...

Yummy! Such lovely papers!