Saturday, October 27, 2007

Every piece of art has a story

Twinkle, twinkle Find Jehovah's star
Looking, seeing everywhere they are!

Snowflakes shining, each one with six sides
Star of David oh! Where do you hide?

Wondering if Jehovah's bright star
Is inside all The snowflakes there are

Wonder always how He could design
In the heavens this most perfect sign

Believe and see His artistic ways
Fall down, worship, all my live-long days.

We had 4 inches of snow last weekend and it reminded me of this layout that I did almost 3years ago. I've used this poem that I wrote in a new layout that's been published in the recent release "Flip, Spin & Play". But as you know by now, everything I do has a story behind it:

When I saw this collage that mom had made, it reminded me that when I was just a little girl, I drew stars with 6 points. I thought all the snowflakes that fell from heaven were stars. And since they all had six points (at
least that’s what dad said), I wanted my stars to look just like snowflakes. They were so easy to draw. I just made 2 triangles and each star turned out perfect. When I was in the 2nd grade, my teacher, Ms Leatha, told me that I was drawing them all wrong. She showed me how to draw a 5-pointed star without lifting my pencil off the paper. She told me that from now on, I had to draw my stars her way. I didn’t like that because I could never make them perfect. I always had one or two points bigger than the others. I didn’t draw many stars after that. In the photos, it looks like mom is telling my niece a story. I think she's telling her to draw whatever she wants exactly the way she wants to!

The photo of mom opens up with the star and inside is where I hid my story.

Every piece of art should have a story. Does yours?

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