Friday, July 16, 2010

Who invented purses?

They hurt my shoulders. They annoy me. They are always in my way, so I just don't use them! I have a tiny wallet that goes into my pocket, my keys go into my other pocket. And that's all I need. It's so much fun. When I'm in a store, people ask me for help. They think I must work there since I don't carry a purse!

Years ago, when working in an office, I decided that the reason women never got promoted was because they carried purses - they were late to meetings looking for their purse, they had to go back and get their purse, whatever it was they needed was in their purse in the locker and we all had to lock them in our desks which took more time to get us to a meeting than the guy sitting next to us.

I happen to love purses and will carry one when I wear a dress (no pockets) (really rare event!) or when I absolutely have to have a pair of slacks that don't have pockets in them. But.....when I was a kid - I thought it was very grown up to have a purse! And I wanted my purse to match my dress, or my shoes, or my just had to match or it wasn't right!

So, it's quite true - no outfit is ever complete without the right purse!!!

Brand new Melody Ross papers that I just love! BLine designs stamps (the sentiment and the pattern). and of course, a purse charm!!!

Another simple card, simple layers (doesn't that look like fabric right out of the 50s?) and simply fun!!!

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