Saturday, July 17, 2010

Notting Hill gardening

In the movie, Notting Hill, Julia Roberts wants a bench. My sister, April, made these benches out of old gun boxes and sold them at a garage sale. I bought them! And now, they are in my back yard.

We have nearly 2/3 acre for our yard - way too big, but this year, I'm working at cleaning out flower beds and making it prettier out there. These benches really aren't suitable to sit on, but the do look nice

Sort of fun to say I have "Notting Hill" in my own back yard! And yes, I dug out about 2' of dirt to plant the aspens. Hopefully they will survive in our 98 degree temps. Next week - I need to do something to the area where I took the ponds out. Hmmm....wonder what else I could steal from a movie?

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