Sunday, July 11, 2010

Art comes in all forms

One form that I have always envied was the piano. If I could just sit down and play anything that was in my head.....make up the music as the words went along. And while the words seem to come fairly easily to me - playing the piano never has. Oh, we had lessons as kids. Years of lessons. I was never very patient with practicing. I memorized ONE song....and I can still sit down and play that single song.

Yesterday, I came across a video song that I thought was pretty amazing. This morning, I received the very same song in a video from my friends in Neve Daniel. I think if I get something twice in 24 hours, I should share it. I will be visiting Neve Daniel on our trip to Israel in October and this young muscian, Yedida Freilich, has just written a song called "Only Israel". If you listen to the words, as well as the music, I think you will see how moving her message is.

WOW! To be able to play and sing like that - true gifts - and she is using them to share an amazing message. Perhaps this is the best form of art!

I'm one who does care about Jewish blood. I pray for the day that Israel will call upon the armies of G-d and regain all the land promised to her! Wherever I stand, I stand with Israel.

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