Sunday, July 11, 2010

For Sale!

I am a year and 2 months away from turning 60 (geez!) and Kerry and I have decided we need to downsize. It's going to be a 3 year project! LOL!!! Do I know us well or what? So, from time to time, I'll be posting stuff here that I think an artist might want! If I don't sell them through my blog, I'll put them up on ebay. This week, I rearranged my studio a little bit and have decided to part with my jeweler's workbench. Yes, I know, I just got it a year ago! And I do love it! But it doesn't fit.

You can see the full ad on craigslist

And here, you can see how it really does hold a ton of tools!

No, I won't ship it! LOL! Shipping in the original box was $100, so if you come pick it up, you'll save that as well. Price - $350. Includes the workbench, the tool organizer and the flex shaft pole.

So, my sister, Colleen, decided that she wanted in on the sales as well. Awhile back, she brought her big sterling silver polisher to store in my basement. Since she has NEVER used it....she now wants to sell it as well.

Here's the ad on craigslist

And a few photos:

This is a powerful polisher, yet you can use it for metal clay. All the dust blows into the catcher in the back, so none gets out into your studio. I used one like this when I took my silversmithing classes. She's asking $350 for it which is a really good deal. She paid $495 for it and hasn't used it once!

My goal this summer is to get my basement studio cleaned out. What shall I list next? Kerry? LOL!!!

PS. Everything is located in Lafayette, CO, just NW of Denver.

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