Monday, March 22, 2010

We decided there was a runner up!

Kerry and I decided that there had to be a runner up in this contest. Click on the image to open it up.

I can't upload the whole thing - it was a book. With cute little pics in it. and adorable sayings. It was so amazingly personal. It was so well thought out!

Designed and created by Sasha Frugone. Here's what she wrote:

When I moved, we got a POD and the friendly plastic did not make it with the "do not get hot" stuff - so when I opened it was a congealed mess (strips) - wasn't a lot I could do, so went ahead and melted, ironed, melted, ironed,....then die cut, dabbed with die inks, acrylic paints, mica powder and some hot sauce. The picture doesn't quite do it justice - but I took a piece of cardstock, covered the middle with fantasy film, layered over some cricut die cuts and topped with the friendly plastic "hello kitty"

Sasha, if you will email me your address, I will send you a great runner up gift!

Thanks to everyone for all the cards - he is truly enjoying them all!

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