Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The exponentialism of Friendly Plastic

You know the old saying, if you tell 2 people and they tell 2 people and they each tell 2 people......pretty soon everyone will know!

So at our Super Bowl party, I taught the moms and kids a few little things to do with Friendly Plastic. This week, I got an email from one of the moms who had a Friendly Plastic birthday party for her daughter. 2000 miles away from here!!! She said that the party lasted TWENTY EIGHT hours!!! OK - bless that mom! Cause that's more than I ever did for my kids!!!

Just take a look at all the fun things these kids made! WOW!!

Perhaps that's why I like teaching art - it's the exponentialism of it - the sharing - the spreading the skills, knowing that it's going all over the world!!!

Just click on the photos to make them bigger:

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Pattyjo said...

Could you recommend a good book or booklet on start to finish friendly plastic? I could go to a craft store and buy one, but it would just be something that ended up on the shelf not really helping me out. A book with lots of pic. and techniques to show how to use the friendly plastic sticks I have inherited. I have a lot of them, but so far don't know where to start. Thanks.