Thursday, March 4, 2010

His Glory

I could turn this into a whole discussion about right side/left side brained people. But for now, I'll talk about the right side - the artistic side. The side the loses all sense of time and being... when you allow yourself to just be there. I think it is the healing side of the brain. When I'm doing art, I don't think about anything else in the world. I just play. It is a place I can simply go and not think about surgery, or doctors, or anything else.

My brother is an amazing photographer and I saw this photo of his online yesterday. I had to scrap it.

There are moments in life when you see something and you simply say, “there is a story in that.” My brother took this photo. And when I saw it today, it seemed to fit my life. I am but a naked tree. Nothing to protect me. Nothing to cover me. Nothing to shelter me. Nothing but the grace of Jehovah Jesus Messiah. I am standing alone in the pasture. But I am not alone. I am surrounded by His presence. It is everywhere. In the sky, in the grass, in the distance and up close. It pulses through my very veins, it wraps me tight and keeps me safe. And then I close my eyes, open them again, take another look at the photo and I see Jehovah as THE Artist. He created each blade of wheat. He designed each twig on each branch on each limb of each tree. And He painted the sky with all of His glory. He has brought a shadow in the foreground of my life right now, but I can see beyond it and know that because I am wrapped safe in Him, no matter what happens, it will be ok. Praise Jehovah.

Do you see the shadow in the foreground of the photograph? And the clearing on the horizon in the background? Do you see the painted sky? Do you allow what you see to speak to you in so many ways? Do you see His Glory in everything around you?

Art. amazing, wonderful, healing therapy. Praise Jehovah!