Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He's not home yet - contest extended!

Kerry is still in the hospital. Hopefully, he gets to come home tomorrow. So I'm extending the Friendly Plastic contest til at least midnight tomorrow. Thursday, March 18. Now...remember, it can be something decorated with FP, something made with FP, something embellished with FP - just so you tell me what part of it is FP!

I think Friday will be a good day to do the judging. Hopefully he will be settled in as I've been working hard during the evenings to get everything set up for him. Physical Therapy wanted a few modifications like a shower seat....simple things, but it all takes time to go find. Found the blood pressure cuff, thermometer....we have to record everything on a chart and report back to his doctors. Weighing is interesting. If he gains more than 2 pounds in 1 day, we call in. Life is going to be put on a serious schedule for the next 12 weeks - just another interesting leg of the journey we have embraced.

Today, the nurses and staff were literally lined up in the room at the same time waiting to do various procedures. I snapped a photo with my iphone and know I'll have to scrap it. The title is going to be "Next!"

Sort of funny!

OK - 24 more hours to make something with FP, send me a photo and we'll let him be the judge!

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