Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friendly Plastic Contest

One of my internet pals suggested this (thanks sasha!) and I'm going to run with it - all on my own!!!

Kerry is going to have 5 bypasses done and I need to find ways to cheer him up. So how about I sponsor a little Friendly Plastic contest called:

Make him feel better soon!

You simply make something/anyting out of friendly plastic, and send us a photo of it. I will show him the photos and the one that makes him laugh the most will be the winner. I'll happily gift you a generous set of Friendly Plastic sticks and/or pellets!! And if he laughs really hard, I'll double the prize!!! And if Amaco wants to get involved, I'll send you whatever they send me! Hmmm.....this could turn out to be a pretty good contest.

Just remember - the whole idea is to make him smile! So if you've never made a thing with Friendly Plastic - you probably have a better chance of winning than the pros!

How much Friendly Plastic do you have to use in your project? I think at least 25% - I have to be able to see the plastic. But you could make it 100% Friendly Plastic.

Hint - hint - he's a guy, so it could be fun to make tools out of pellets, medical equipment - a nurse? I'm sure someone could even fashion the entire surgery unit out of pellets! He loves our chihuahuas - so an "altered" puppy would be a good idea. Better yet - a cat that was altered by a puppy......LOL!!

Contest starts today and the deadline will be on March 15. Now since there's no mailing involved, let's just say midnight that night on anyone's time zone!!!

If you don't know my email address, go to the blog's website and click over on the right just below the copyright line.

We don't know yet when his surgery will be, but let's say that the winner will be announced on March 16 and if that happens to be the day surgery gets scheduled, I'll post a different day here.

Feel free to share this contest with your yahoo groups, friends and family.

Can't wait to see what you create!

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