Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exponentialism in a different way

Last time, I posted about teaching 1 person who taught another person.....and how you can grow a craft that way.

This blog is about how one person took what she learned here, and made numerous pendants from that same "class" - she is growing her Friendly Plastic skills by leaps and bounds.

Here's what my good friend Shelly made - all done with Friendly Plastic. We're teaching the world, one friend at a time!!!

Which one do you like best???


Laura said...

I love the 3rd one from the top! It reminds me of a type of are done with glass that I just cant remember the name of right this moment. Very beautiful work indeed!

Lisa West said...

These are cool! I'll have to look into this friendly plastic, especially for a crafty birthday party. Sounds really fun! Lisa