Friday, February 26, 2010


Just when I thought I was going to start telling the story about Cotopaxi....."life" smacked me up the side of the head and my path has taken a sharp turn around a bend that I'm just not so sure I want to go down! We found out on Monday that Kerry is in need of 5 bypasses.

FIVE! OK, that as a big "yikes" for both of us. And I have not had a single urge to do anything creative this week. Well, I haven't had time. We have been in and out of doctor's offices, labs, tests and next Tuesday, we meet with the heart surgeon and hopefully will have a date for surgery shortly after that.

Does he have options? Probably not. They did an angiogram last Monday and it shows multiple blockages in every artery. It's his diabetes. The cardiologist said it has chewed up all his arteries.

So I will post updates here from time to time. We are now forced to keep a low glycemic/heart healthy menu. That took a major chunk of my time this week - planning meals ahead of time. We have to eat on a schedule. No more being "retired" - it's back to 8, noon, and 5:30 pm.

While the risks are huge for him because he has had diabetes for most of his life, and other complications, I was thinking about "faith" today. Which I think is really trust. Trust that no matter what happens, it will be ok. And I honestly believe that. I also decided we needed a little humor in our life today and that inspired me to go find a photo that I scanned at his parents house years ago. Just looking at it totally cracks me up. I think it was a confirmation class in a Lutheran church. Kerry - in a white robe? Looking all innocent? You have to know the guy to know that there has never been an innocent bone in his body! Yet I think the photo is beyond adorable.

My family and friends will crack up when they see this....but while that's the humor that I need today, I know each moment that Jehovah will take care of us, will provide for us, will guide us through this....and no matter what WILL be OK.


Margie H said...

I am so sorry for all that you both have to go through! So I'd like to send warm thoughts and strong prayers that you will get through this. It looks like you have a good attack plan! BIG HUGS to you!! xo

Campbell said...

You're right-faith is believing what cannot seem to be believed if we look with our eyes. It is knowing in our heart of hearts, where the Holy Spirit dwells, that He watches over us, and has a plan, a plan for hope and a future. Hold on, and know that this is part of the path, part of the journey with Father God. You will both be ok, and you have my prayers.

(BTW-if you look really hard, I think you can see the devilish grin beneath the surface!)


Jen Lowe said...

Anna, I was waiting for someone to see that hint of a grin in there. One of my friends here has already seen it and I know it's there! I think we've coined a new phrase around here - "faux fotos". LOL!

Thank you for your kind words and prayers.