Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Night 5 - Eight Nights of Lights 2009

Tonight, on this 5th night, we share our gratitude and remember our blessings. Oh! What an amazing year this has been! My life has never been more blessed than it is right now and I wake up every morning just thanking Jehovah for life.....and for His Light!

I am thankful that mom and dad taught me how to ask questions. OK, that they taught me to question everything. That they taught me how to look things up (ok, back in "those days" we had to use and actual encyclopedia and a dictionary!) I used to get so mad at my dad. I'd ask, "How do you spell 'administration'?" And he would say - "look it up". And I would argue - how can I look it up if I don't know how to spell it? And he would say, well, just read the definitions until you find the right one!

Yes, I was a frustrated child! But how brilliant was he? Kept me occupied for hours on end! LOL!!!

I am thankful that they had so many kids! That I am blessed with 3 sisters and a brother. That we are all as different as night and day, but we all love each other so much. You know, we would never have made it in today's world. They put all 4 of us girls in the back seat - and you couldn't get 4 carseats in the rear of 1 957 Chevy even today!!! I wonder just how they would have gotten us all to church? I can just see dad making 2 trips. He was so determined - he would have done just that!!!

I am so blessed because of my art, my ability to design, and all the amazing friends I have met who are such incredible artists that inspire me to learn and do even more....and then to share what I know. I really do have much to be grateful for!

So, I've posted tonights photos between my writing. It's a light box. It's fabulous if I do say so myself! Over 100 swarovsky crystals hand set down the left hand side. 22K gold leaf and silver leaf used on paper So yes, tonight's video will show you how to take an ordinary diecut....and turn it into gold or silver. Everything in my light box is made from 80# white cardstock. How fun is that???

Now, be sure to watch all the way to the end of the video so you can see how the light box operates!

Be sure to count your blessings every single day!

Be sure to honor Him because He is the Light of the World!

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