Monday, December 14, 2009

Night 4 - Eight Nights of Lights 2009

Oh - my favorite night! All about food. Food traditions, recipes, enjoying time together. Yummm!!! So, I thought I'd share my memories of food as a child. Yes, there were lots of them!

I remember freezing cold nights where the ice on Duck Creek would freeze solid (well, ok, it was only about a foot deep!) Dad would light a fire and the kids would all come over and we would go ice skating after dark. When we were frozen stiff, we'd go back to our house and mom would have taffy ready for us to pull. She was so smart. Have you ever pulled taffy? I think you have to pull it for at least an hour! Great way to keep a whole bunch of kids busy!

I remember Sunday lunch at Aunt Dorothy's house. The kitchen would be buried deep with food and pies would line the counters and the bureau in the dining room. So much food you just didn't know where to start. And all the cousins, aunts and uncles would be together. I tried to count up once and gave up at 48. What a crowd!

And can we talk about pies? Gooseberry? Yuck! Raisen cream - which I really loved. Black Raspberry - my absolute favorite. Crust that was so good I can still remember the taste. Grandma Moore's caramels, Aunt Marilyn's tea bread ring, Mom's divinity....the list is endless. Shall I end the blog here while I go eat? LOL!!!lllll

It's intersting to me that in Christian religions, Jesus Messiah is referred to as the "bread of life". Jews have a heirarchy of blessing, and the bread they eat receives the highest blessing. It is equally interesting to me to have visited the Sinai desert and to just imagine the manna - a crystal like substance - falling from heaven every day to feed the Israelites.

Yesterday, I showed how to tool leather. Today, we'll take those same principals and "tool" metal. Some call this metal repousse, but for me, it is the exact same thing as tooling leather. I'm using Amaco's pewter - I've been using it since 2004 and it is one of my all time favorite mediums!

Amazing what you can do with a single piece of rolled pewter!

Close up of the charms. Again, these are from 1-800-dreidle

And did you notice how well I painted the light blue background? Another video?

He is the Way, the Truth, the Life....

He is the Light of the World.....the Bread of Life.

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