Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lucy McGoo

So I turned my doll into a real Lucy:

who loves shoes

and loves to shop. LOL!

I had more fun than you can imagine putting her together

I wanted to do better photos of all of is Edie's.

On the base, she has "Play" - my favorite word!

can you see the felted hat? Just loaded with fun things . The table top is amazing. You could look at this one for an hour and not see all of it!

and the detail on Ron's......

I truly didn't notice the hat at first glance......

and just laughed and laughed when I saw he had replicated our "Naughty Girl Hat". How cute!!

So these are the 3 winners. What a trio!

Just so much fun! Tomorrow I'm going to do a "group" shoot and then we'll submit them to a magazine to see if we can get them all published!

Things are slowly getting back to normal. I think my studio is back in place. Am mounting all my new stamps tonight and getting them organized. And then I have to start making up "thank you" cards for all the fun things we were given!

Life is good!

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