Saturday, May 9, 2009

True Friendship

My full name is Jennifer Lynn. Lynn = lake. Jennifer means "white wave". So.....white wave on a lake. Now, think about that. In order to have a "wave" on something as small as a lake, there has to be some pretty strong winds around. Think of how rare that must be?

I have always thought my name ran true to my life and who I am.....rough, rugged, rare, tossed about, never stopping.....I could go on and on.

So when I meet someone who makes an impression on me, I have fun looking up their name to see if they run true to their names.

I've know Vicki for some time now.....but I truly got to KNOW her this week as she was my host with the most while I was at Stamping Details.

Her name is Latin. Meaning "conqueror: victory.....winner"

And when I read that, I just about fell off my seat. You could not nail Vicki any better than to simply describe her as a true "winner"!!!

Not only does she have a winning personality, a generous heart (I suspect to a fault).....she took my bracelet class and made it PERFECT the first try.

If you are like me, and a bit competitive, you just can't "love" someone who can do it perfect the first ever try!!! But I tell 24 hours, I have come to absolutely love this woman. I can't thank her and her sweet hubby enough for their generosity of home and time towards me this week. It has been absolutely incredible!

True friendship. Vicki and I are there for the rest of our lives!!! She works a few days a week at Stamping Details, so pop in and see if you can meet this truly amazing woman! Ask her if I fell in love with Coco, too!!!

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