Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Lucy McGoo (Basement Babes) Fall Retreat

I'm NOT taking reservations yet, but if you think you'd like to fly in for a fun filled weekend, send me an email and I will put your name on my "list".

October 9 -11, 2009

It's totally free - but you have to get here on your own, bring food, tools (and such) and either sleep on the floor or an air mattress.  We had a total blast last year and I think this year will be so much better!  And we're expanding just a little!!!

Invites will go out first to those who attended last year, then to my yahoo group, then I will open it up to anyone who has sent me a note.

It would be worth the price of airfare....since airfare is so darn cheap right now!

And if you want to come and be an instructor - email me and we'll chat!

Plans are in the works and I think this fall - we'll really have fun playing!!!

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