Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friendly Plastic Art

Friendly Plastic, Rubons and Copic Markers.  I think that makes this ART!  It's like a whole new world. I've had a blast today playing with my airbrush....just wait!!! But first, on these, I simply used my copic markers to color them. These pendants are 1 1/2" square and are encased in Ranger's bezels. Quick, easy...and just fun to do!

Copics are alcohol based and dry almost immediately.  The tip is extremely pointed and allows you to color even the finest area.

This is my favorite.  Cute tiny little dress form, hat and purse and flourish - all rubons - and the colors were added with my Copic markers.  Used the griddle method to soften the Friendly Plastic.

These rubons were all black and white - so I have completely colored the piece with my Copics.  Then melted it and inlaid the butterfly charm.  It's no thicker than the original stick and these fit just perfect inside the bezels.

This is a Basic Gray rubon and I don't know if you can see, but it is "heavier" and sunk down into the warm friendly plastic - but I like it - her mouth and eyes popped through the openings in the rubon.  Cool!  These were totally white rubons so I used the Copics to color her hair and dress.

This medium is just so incredible versatile and I truly love that you can use all your existing tools and products to create new, fun designs with it.  Who knew?  Tomorrow - I hope to show you the results of airbrushed Friendly Plastic!!!

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Peggy said...

Just fantastic Jen. I think we can do anything with this product. This is great. You and Linda ought to teach classes on the web.

Peggy NB