Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let your photos do the talking!

How about a mini album that required 16 photos....more than enough to tell a story!

Don't you just wonder what he's doing with his feet in a bath???

I loved this tag "I want to remember" - oh dear - is that ever true!  Thank goodness for photos!

Both those girls are over 50 years old - and I did NOT photoshop that pic at all.  Pretty amazing, huh?

Ah!  The true joy of eating!   LOL!!!

Well, I'm not sharing the other umpteen pages - this might just be a class in San Diego - we'll see.  I sure had fun this afternoon putting it together and writing down my thoughts...that and hunting for souvineers to sick inside all the little pockets inside this journal.  I think this class might be "how to tell a good story!'

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