Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad Hair Day girls

I've blogged in the past about my lifetime of bad hair. Probably some time in the late 80s or early 90s, mom made this pin out of Friendly Plastic. She gave it to me and I put my nickname on it and have worn it often as my name badge to conventions and shows. Doesn't it look like a cute little "go-go" girl with bad hair? LOL!

Many people have experienced FP softening when in the sun. So they coat it with various products. This piece is not coated and I've never had a problem with it getting soft and I've worn it to shows in California and Arizona where it gets plenty hot!

I decided to replicate it. Didn't have the same stuff....but I think I did ok.

Over on the Friendly Plastic blog, there's a contest going on - to make your own self.  I'm not going to submit these.....but I think this one would have to be "me" - really big bad hair!  LOL!!!

I've been wire wrapping other pieces of FP, and there was a piece of half curled wire laying on the table and so the next thing was to put it under the FP and turn it into arms and legs.  I was going to add hair to this one, but I've decided I like it just as it is.  By the way, the purse hangs loose and moves when you pick her up.

And I should add that all 3 of the little girls that I made were done with leftover scraps of FP.  I didn't cut a single new stick for any of it.  Pretty fun, huh?

I do love joking about my bad hair.  It's just me.  I have cowlicks in 4 places which make my hair naturally want to go in different directions.  It's really thick and naturally curly -although the more gray that comes in, the more it just turns into uncontrollable waves!  At least I have hair!

My son, Jason, shaved his head this past weekend.  He did it to raise money for St Baldrick's - a foundation that raises money for kids with cancer.  If you'd like to donate, just click on the link above.  It's tax deductable.  I'm so proud of him that he's doing this for kids.  


Anonymous said...

A perfect way to use scraps and so fun looking!

Lisa West said...

Wow, I love all your creations with the friendly plastic. Looks like so much fun. Move over clay, I think I need to try something new soon. Lisa