Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a load!!!

She called me and said she was packing up her studio.

I didn't really believe her and just sort of laughed!

Here's the "accused" waving "hi" so innocently!!

But would you look at this???

And this....

and this....

She really did bring it all!!! We started experimenting at about 7 pm last night, Jodi came over to join us. We accomplished a few things.....will we be sharing them this week? Perhaps! But I think mostly we will be keeping you in suspense with all our fun!!! LOL!!! We've called the Melting Pot and they agreed that we could have a girls-only dessert-only chocolate fondue party at their place one night....does that just sound divine?

Check back as you just never know what time of the day I might add something else to my blog this week! Might even be a couple of times a day! LOL!!!

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