Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love and Google-War!

I first met Linda when we were both teaching on a crafting cruise. Now....wouldn't you decide to be friends with someone who would sit with a monkey? LOLOL!!!

In November, 2007, I flew back to Linda's studio in the Ozarks and spent a wonderful week playing with her. We went to Walmart 3 times a day because it was the only place to go. Yep...she sort of lives in the "sticks"! But we laughed so hard that we cried until her mascara ran!

So this year....I explained our "dress code"......absolutely positively NO makeup! Yet she STILL looks FABULOUS!!!!

She has now just informed me that all is fair in love and google-war! LOLOL!!!! Be sure to read her blog this week!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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