Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make your (friendly) plastic fantastic!!!

The creative juices have just been flowing like mad today! But first, we spent the morning at McGuckin's stocking up. Yep, they are going to get in the big jars of pellets soon and still have 3 of the small jars. RUN and get them! LOL!!! We came home and played all day long, then went to Chili's for dinner and over to Walmart where we found the perfect t-shirt - they were on sale for $3.00 each and we think you need to go check out your Walmart!!!

And quickly embellished one with a few bits of Friendly Plastic!

Is this heart not gorgeous???

We figured out today how to get the pellets thin enough to diecut with a Spellbinders die! Yippee!!!

And then inked it and gave it dimension!

We're going to film a video and I'll post it here....but it will also be posted over at the Friendly Plastic blog. You need to check it out right now to see the lovely pieces that Jana Ewy created just today! Absolutely stunning!!!

And you know, if you need product, you can now order it direct from Amaco!!!


Anonymous said...

Yea! I look forward to the video!

Deb said...

Impressive. Gotta get some pellets to try this out. Thanx for sharing.

Mylene said...

Die cut Friendly Plastic looks awesome. You and Linda are coming up with some great ideas.... can't wait to see this on video!