Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jammies only

Sunday. February 15. Jammies only.

.....when it's cold outside, it's ok to stay in your jammies all day long
....when you wake up hurting - it's ok to stay in your jammies all day long
....when there's no reason at's ok to stay in your jammies all day long!

Kerry and I both voted to stay in our jammies all day long today! How fun is that?

Usually, I'm sick, have the flu, something has to be wrong to keep me in my jammies all day long.

Not today - it was Jammies Only Day at out house!!!

No cooking allowed, either. We are doing well with leftovers.

No laundry, fixing, fussing. A true "do nothing" day.

OK, but I did make a card. And play with the cricut. And rearrange a closet.

But I swear, I did them all in my jammies!!! LOL!!!

Here's the card....

Now, a cricut and an just can't get any easier!!!

An mixing with with the airbrushed diecuts - how fun!

Green, pink and yellow copics with a touch of brown and red

And who says you can't alter a diecut?  I cut the "I" off the top of the heart.

Don't be afraid to mix and match what you do!

I wrote this poem for the inside:

You inspire love and fill my heart...
you allow me time to create art!

My feet can dance, my soul can live
My hands can write....of this love you give.

You inspire me in all these things
You are my angel - my hidden wings.

OK, yes, he loved it! :o)

Every now and then, give yourself a "jammies only" day!  It's been great!!!


Shelly N. said...

you are having way way toooooo much fun. LOL Those die cut machines of all kinds are very addictive. Hope mine gets here soon.

Jen Lowe said...

Shelly - I'd like to think in some small way I helped enable you to get the machine! LOLOL!!!