Monday, February 23, 2009

Experimenting....or Mistakes?

OK, which do you think is better? Intentional experimenting with product to see what you can come up with.....

Or mistakes that you simply turn into a "new" technique?

I like both!!!

The incredible, wonderful, talented, exceptionally gifted experimenter.....Linda Peterson.....will be arriving here tomorrow for 10 days of play. I can hardly wait!!!

Can you feel the excitement?

So.....warming up my "kitchen" last Thursday.....getting ready to experiment....I was trying to figure out how to do something my friend Marcia had seen in a magazine. Well, we didn't quite figure it out....but I like what we came up with:

Remember how I melted my twinkling H20s into a palette? I spritzed them with water, then took a scrub brush, loaded it with paint, and scrubbed the paint over black paper. I think it's a keeper! Sort of looks oriental. Think it might look good embossed? Diecut? Background on a card? Need to know what a scrub brush is? It's what watercolor artists use to "scrub" out mistakes.

Linda's flight arrives at 2:10 pm tomorrow. She said she has packed her entire studio and is moving it here. I wonder where we are going to put it??? We will be playing with anything and everything that Amaco if you want to see where we're headed, just check out what they have!

I promise to confess which are mistakes....and what are new techniques....IF I can tell the difference! I just know that the next 10 days are going to be filled to the brim with creative experiences and fun times! Don't you wonder what a little wine mixed with some Friendly Plastic pellets is going to make? LOLOL!!!


Anonymous said...


tell us more

Jen Lowe said...

My funny story.....there's been a HUGE jar of them over at McGuckin's for the last TEN years. I went to buy them last week and they were gone. I swear, there was dust on the jar the last time I looked! Someone is reading!!! LOL!!! White pellets. They've been around for years. And they are coming alive in a huge way!!! Can't wait to play!!!