Sunday, February 8, 2009


My youngest sister teaches a watercolor painting class every Tuesday at mom's retirement home. It's really quite amazing how she can get someone who has never painted before to turn a flat piece of white paper into something so wonderful. That's April - an amazing teacher. Colleen and I were there this week for her class - painting sunflowers. Colleen was going to toss her painting into the trash....but I decided to turn it into a fun collage. I even cut some dead ferns in the front of mom's house and added them!

One of the resident's received a Cricut as a gift, so I put it together and cut out the 3 little sunflowers above the bottom sentiment. I must say, from the box to finished product - less than 10 minutes. I was extremely impressed!

So once again - something that was going into the now going on mom's front door!

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